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Welding sets / -machines

Welding sets / -machines

OTC Daihen Europe GmbH AC MIG 200 - CPDACR-200

Reference-Nr WZM-15465
Machine type welding set/ -machine
Year of manufacture 2001

with wire feed unit MIG CMWH-147 (Bj 2000) and control panel OTC Pro-Face, version hand power source

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Welding sets / -machines

EWM Tetrix 230 Comfort 5P TM

Reference-Nr WZM-15513
Machine type TIG DC welding device
Year of manufacture 2015

TIG DC inverter welding machine, TIG automatic pulse, 2-step / 4-step operation, reduced secondary current that can be called up via torch trigger, spot welding / tacking function (spotArc / spotmatic),adjustable upslope / downslope, MMA welding

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Welding sets / -machines


Reference-Nr WZM-14799
Machine type Spot-Welding Gun
Year of manufacture 1969

arm 350 mm, with cooling, welding time adjustable, U = 1,2 - 2,2, Fr. 50, input one phase 220 V, I = 29 A

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