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Circular saws

Circular saws

MEP Tiger 350 CNC-FE

Reference-Nr WZM-14997
Machine type automatic circular sawing
Year of manufacture 1996

Cutting speed level 1/2/3/4 15/30/45/90 rpm., 2nd level fast m / min 30/60/90/180 m / min.

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Circular saws


Reference-Nr WZM-15529
Machine type automatic saw
Year of manufacture 1992

fully automatic universal saw, workpiece stop for bevel cuts to the left and right, tool cabinet, work area lighting, CNC control cutting angle (DRNC),serial interface CC control, autom. Chip conveyor, discharge height 88 mm, rotary table in wear-resistant design, cut-off gripper with autom. Adjustment of the front gripper jaw, sorting device with drive, sorting 2 good parts, autom. Flat magazine FMA for stacks 1500 - 7000 mm with motor-driven roller conveyor T4, 6/12 m / min., 4 drag chains / 1 storage, magazine depth B1 = 1470 mm, storage depth 1000 mm, 18 compartments 136 mm, 2 compartments 212 mm, automatic gate , bar storage for material pre-storage, depth 700 mm, multiple allocation

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Circular saws

PEDRAZZOLI IBP Super Brown Spezial

Reference-Nr WZM-15573
Machine type circular cold sawing machine
Year of manufacture 1989

Vice with quick clamping device, 45 ° adjustment in the horizontal axis - axial adjustment in addition to the miter adjustment

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Circular saws


Reference-Nr WZM-14563
Machine type Iron Saw
Year of manufacture 1978

semi-automatic machine, electrical limit stop, automatic cutting cycle, pneumatic clamps, prepared for pneumatic controlled supply

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